Static site

from 500.- CHF

A static site is ideal in the case of a temporary site or which we are sure that the content will not change. It is also a low budget solution for a start-up but thinking long term it is better to consider a site with an administration platform.

The typical candidate is an online company that has an established customers whose goal is to provide contact information and show its colors and a few lines about its history, products and philosophy.


Graphic design

Graphic latitude for a static site is almost infinite because there is no need to comply with the constraints of an established structure. Our imaginations are the only limit!

Flash content

Although we believe that flash technology is reaching the end of its life and that it is not necessarily wise to do a site entirely in Flash (especially for SEO reasons)  flash contents can be seen on most computers (but not mobile phones!) and can brighten the presentation of a site, for example by adding discrete animation in the banner or on the side of the content.


There is no real limitation on the content that can be text, images and links. It all depends on your project and your needs.

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