Company Network and Intranet

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For your corporate network, we can counsel you, perform any installation, software or hardware and any maintenance required. We also offer training for any proposed solution. Whether Microsoft or Apple products and even open source options, nothing is left to chance and the best will be offered: we focus only on the best product choices suited for your business.

Hardware and software management, complete or partial, depending on your needs

Intranet website

We develop, as an internet website, your intranet website which is the basis for linking your network applications on an intuitive and easy to use interface. A design incorporating your corporate identity, a structure, intelligently thought with your collaboration, for a custom intra-network web site.


A wiki system allows easy information dissemination and permits collaborative editing of content useful to your employees. For example: procedures within the company or elaboration of a knowledge base on specific topics.

Collaborative tools

We offer alternatives to Microsoft Exchange which are based on open source products : You pay only for the service! Online calendar accessible on your favorite email program and on your mobile devices. Sharing of contacts, support management system for customers, task and projects management, timesheet, office resource management. All of these services are accessible only from inside your network or also from the outside, by your usual programs or through the web interface and in both cases, with specific access rights for each person, if necessary.

Backing up data

Locally, on a server or network hard drive, online on a secure site, a range of solution for data backup are possible. It is also possible to mix several solutions. For example, a daily backup of all data can be made on site, with a backup on a remote server once a week. Even, a person can be responsible to bring with them a device containing a backup copy when they finish their day of work in order to guarantee safety of the data in case of fire or theft.

Email addresses

Installation and management of email addresses in your company using the IMAP protocol for greater accessibility and flexibility. Access to your saved e-mail folders, whether you are  at the office, at home or elsewhere. Ability to view messages on regular programs but also with a webmail interface.

Business Management

To manage your business, take advantage of our management tools like timesheet and billing that can be linked to your system of collaborative tools.

Resources management

For larger companies, we offer the BOSS software, a complete CMMS, allowing optimal collaborative management of building, equipment and visitors.


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