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As a community site or more commonly called "web portal", the visitor has available maximum resources facilitating communication.

User Accounts

Allows to have an identity on the site, also allows administrators to see more clearly the activities of users.

Accounts moderators

Can manage the smooth running of things in different parts of the site. There may be different levels of access, either with respect to sections of the site or in respect of power attribution. For example a moderator may edit or delete forum entries or accept new users into the web community. These rights and access are carefully planned with you.


A forum is an excellent means of discussion with follow up, to see the older entries and create a real life to your website. If your forum is active, it ensures a significant level of visit. This is the hub of a community site, it is where camaraderie is forged between members who renders your association stronger.


One or more blogs, to allow organizers or members to speak about particular topics. Obviously, you can add the opportunity to comment on blog entries for more interactivity.


Having a wiki is an excellent way to maintain a knowledge base. This is an effective way to keep up to date information by members of a community. It works just like Wikipedia. It is a practical solution for keeping procedures, data collected about specific topics or for other uses.

Photo and video galleries

A perfect place to show events that have punctuated the life of your group and to display or promotional materials. Slideshow,s voting system, putting forward some photos; You to choose the attributes of your gallery.

File Sharing

To share files of all kinds between the organizers, members or both, this tool allows you to send files on the server, download, classify and delete.

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