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Welcome to the Merveilleuse Machine blog, your web agency par excellence. Here you will find all sorts of tips to help you start your web project. Feel free to write or call us for more information. Enjoy!

Why hire a web agency to create your website ?

Tuesday 07 Feb 2012, 21:06
Why hire a web agency to create your website ? Is it worth it to spend a few thousand dollars, euros or francs to create your website through a web agency since it is possible to do it by yourself with the help of a multitude of tools of all kinds?

Why use the services of a web agency when programs that generate web pages from content or offers of site generators from web hostsing companies? Maybe for you, the ideal solution is to create your site bu your own. But in most cases, the most enlightened choice is to do business with a professional.

Site creation software

Through FrontPage, Word or other programs, you can turn your documents into web pages and then send it more or less easily to a web server with built-in functions. Rest assured that the result will probably be visually drastically below the average for other sites on similar subjects. In addition, the code generated by these programs is not "clean" (basically too much code is generated which increases unnecessarily the page) and then Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search tools will have difficulty understanding the content of your site and index it correctly.

Site generators

Site generators are very rigid. This implies that instead of creating a site that will bend to your content, the opposite will happen! You will have to edit and organize your content according to the structure proposed by the website generator.

Installing and Using a CMS

Some hosts offer automated installation of CMS which can save you a lot of hassle and embarrassment. You will still need to learn how the chosen CMS works. Where can you add page? How to create a user? How to change the design, colors? How to add images? Enable the opportunity for visitors to make comments, or remove them? Hours and hours of fun.

If you decide to install the program yourself, it's a different story. You should know that it is not just the site conception that you will have to do but also the administrative and technical work. You must choose a web hosting company, pay them annually or monthly, buy a domain name then link it to the accommodation in question.

If you choose a web program that must be installed, you will also have to enable a database (that is if the service offered by the host chosen), send files via an FTP transfer program and then configure the program to find the database so it can create the tables necessary for proper operation.

After all this, you can finally create pages, adjust your menu and other tasks that are easier ... or not? What if the menu does not roll down? If the display is not aligned or if your site simply does not work?


The appearance of your site is important because this is what keeps your visitors interested and stimulated. The presentation, ergonomics, choice of colors, layout elements, all this is someone's professional occupation. If the visitor is not quickly hooked on the page visually, it's a failed customer conversion. A web designer having specialized knowledge in ergonomics can find the most effective combination for the content of your site.

Time and effort

How long are you willing to put on your site? How much is worth your time? The time it will take you to perform the same tasks  as a professional but in a much lower quality is multiplied exponentially. When someone has a toothache, do they ask their father-in-law to solve the problem or the dentist? The answer seems obvious ... It really depends on the result that you expect.

In conclusion, you must determine why you want a website. If your goal is not to attract customers, donorsor people to build a community, if you do not want to appear in the first pages of Google search and if you do not want your competitors to say "WOW" when they see your site, it seems reasonable to consider doing it by yourself.

- Émilie Pagé-Perron, web manager

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