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Welcome to the Merveilleuse Machine blog, your web agency par excellence. Here you will find all sorts of tips to help you start your web project. Feel free to write or call us for more information. Enjoy!

Social networks (Facebook and Twitter): useful for your company's visibility on the Internet

Wednesday 13 Jun 2012, 14:05
Social networks (Facebook and Twitter): useful for your company's visibility on the Internet Putting social medias at your service can provide you with the loyalty of your client base.

A website to your image is the key to reach any possible customer on the internet. Today, some of the younger population uses the Internet first when they need a product or service,e to find the provider that the solution to his need.

Facebook and Twitter, social networks, are the media of tomorrow. For now, only a fringe of the population uses them, but that fringe is growing rapidly and the use of social Medias is more and more democratic. It just makes sense to want to make presence in these media.

The primary interest of social networks is to create a community around the company, product or service. This community becomes a loyal customer base who will build a part of their identity through membership.

To do this, it is necessary that a person dedicates time to the interaction with the community on social networks. A secretary or a knowledgeable marketer can handle this task. Being as original as possible, interaction with customers will be even more fruitful.

At Merveilleuse Machine, we propose to add a link from your site to Facebook and Twitter accounts of your company. It is also possible to integrate into your website multiple widgets that will allow visitors to see data from your social networks accounts on your website like the latest tweets, the number of "like" or link shares on Facebook. We can also advise on approaches you can take to build a community on social networks and how to interact with it.

For more information, please write or call us!

- Émilie Pagé-Perron, web manager

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