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Welcome to the Merveilleuse Machine blog, your web agency par excellence. Here you will find all sorts of tips to help you start your web project. Feel free to write or call us for more information. Enjoy!

SEO Today

Tuesday 10 Jan 2012, 14:33
SEO Today How to ensure the best reference for your website. Several societies will do this for a fee, often quite high, and promising that your site will be on the first pages of Google in record time. Are they reliable ?

Over the years different teams who manage search engines have developed several ways to evaluate the sites that their robots visit to study and index them. The old methods which consisted in 'fooling' the robots don't work any more and now developers have to double their efforts to arrive at their goal. Unfortunately, or fortunately, these methods are often discovered and after a fast rise on the search pages, an equally fast fall can be anticipated.

So how can you assure the best SEO for your internet site? The best way is of course to provide a relevant content which is to the point, complete and interesting to visitors. Which clues do search engines use to decide if the content of your site is relevant? There are several criterias and we will explain some here.

First, the quality of the programming of your site is very important. To allow the robots to read your site, the code which supports it must conform to the standards of the industry and be as simple and clean as possible. It is also important that title tags, (for example h1, h2) are used for the titles. It is also a good idea to start putting in place HTML5 tags which make it possible to distinguish the different sections of the site. This all helps your site to be read by Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

A quality content, that is a content that is useful to the visitor. No more hidden texts which contain key words dozens of times, texts that do not make sense and are only there to ensure certain words are used often, and never ending pages of links exchanged with other sites. The more interesting the content, the more visitors will talk about it on social networks or make links to your site from theirs. This is what counts and which proves that the material you are presenting is interesting. The fact that it is original material will also have a big impact: copied content will ensure you go down the research pages very quickly!

Evolving content is also a sign of quality: the robots notice if your site changes and see this as a sign of life and activity. A blog, a stream of updates or even just adding pages are good starts.

To sum up, in order that your site is well referenced in a natural way, there are two vital ingredients: a good developer and an excellent content. You have found the first here on the site of Merveilleuse Machine, do you have the inspiration for the second?

If you are being made to pay a fortune in order to reference your site, ask yourself some serious questions.

- Émilie Pagé-Perron, Web manager

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